Pattern Cutting For Footwear

Paul offers a 9-week course in the basics of Pattern Cutting for Footwear.

Learn how to take a 2d shape and construct a 3d shoe pattern, using a last; the plastic or wooden shaped block used to make shoes.

The course will take you through the three main footwear constructions that all shoes are derived from.

  1. The Court Shoe construction
  2. The Derby/Gibson construction
  3. The Oxford construction

By the end of the course you will have completed all three styles. Including lining patterns, insole patterns, counter and toe puff patterns, stiffener patterns for the heel and toe area of the shoe, and sole and heel cover patterns.

This course is ideal for students, who have already completed study in footwear design, as well as anyone that is already working in shoe design, it is also ideal for anyone who has an interest in footwear construction or shoemaking.

The course will assist in helping you to further understand design and function through construction, helping you to create better designs through consideration of construction in the design process.

Classes will be lead on a demonstration basis, and then individual tutoring, to oversee and help your progression through the nine weeks.

No previous experience is required to attend these classes. There is a maximum of 6 students per class.

The above pattern-cutting course is also available online via skype or facetime. £30 an hour.

Monday Evenings 2016

Course times: 6pm – 8.30pm

Sessions: 9 Weeks

Fees: £440


  • April 18th - June 13th
  • June 27th - August 22nd
  • October 3rd - November 28th